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Nitrogen is a colorless and odorless gas. This gas is chemically inert, non-flammable and repels oxygen. Nitrogen is present in the air with 78.1 vol.

In liquid and refrigerated form, nitrogen is used as a means of freezing in the food industry and during transport with refrigerated trucks. As it is an inert gas, odorless and tasteless, it is also often used as an atmosphere for packaging food products.

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Nitrogen gas is used in the metallurgical industry and mechanical engineering for the heat treatment of various types of metals and as a means of pressure in tanks or pipes. Also in chemical processes, this gas is often used, for example, in the synthesis of ammonia.

Physico-chemical constants of nitrogen
Symbol N2
Mean molecular weight (kg / mol) 28.01
Density of the gas (kg / m3 at 1,013 bar and 0 ° C) 1,251
Relative density of gas (air = 1) 0.967
Boiling point 1 bar – 195.8 ° C (77.3 K)
Melting point 1 bar – 210.0 ° C (63.1 K)
Critical temperature t = – 147 ° C (126.2 K) p = 55 bar
Non-flammable spontaneous ignition temperature
1 liter of liquid nitrogen liberates 691 liters of gas at 15 ° C and 1 bar.

Application areas
Cooling with a liquid N2 injection
Cooling during or after production

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Shrinkage of the clamping parts
Shrink parts with liquid nitrogen or dry ice

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Laboratory gas
Specific gases with higher purity for laboratory applications

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Laser cutting
The combination of a laser beam with a high purity auxiliary gas to melt or vaporize

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Inerting storage tanks
Inerting with nitrogen or CO₂ to reduce the oxygen concentration

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Delivery methods
Nitrogen gas in bottles
Content Diameter Height Weight Pressure (bar) Amount of gas
50 l 22.9 cm ca. 1.7 m ca. 75 kg 200 10,0 m3
45 l 22.9 cm ca. 1.55 m ca. 65 kg 200 9.0 m3
27 l 20.4 cm ca. 1.00 m ca. 45 kg 200 5.4 m3
10 l 14.0 cm ca. 1.00 m ca. 25 kg 200 2.0 m3

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