Nuclear Energy

Learning Objectives
Pupils learn about atomic energy generation by means of a nuclear power plant virtual field trip that includes visiting four websites and watching a short video taken inside a nuclear energy plant. A handout that offers questions and the URLs to answer from their readings guides them. They end to talk about their findings and reflections. It’s recommended that students complete the related activity, Chernobyl Empathy, before conducting this lesson; performing so aids students in gaining a better understanding of how nuclear meltdowns can be, which underscores the importance of engineering. Engineers often must analyze complicated issues. Developing a full comprehension of the intricacies of structures and complex systems helps engineers discover the root causes of problems, which can be necessary so as to develop solutions that are optimal with fewer unintended consequences. It is important for engineersas well as students pursuing engineering career avenues –to be in a position to research systems and synthesize that information in order to solve problems.

  • Steam turbine process
  • Nuclear fission
  • Fuel type(s) and secure use/disposal
  • Atomic power plant construction and facilities
  • Safety procedures and problems
  • Benefits/drawbacks of nuclear-generated power in comparison to this benefits/drawbacks of other types of power production
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